Congrats to folks at Open Road on winning the Best Picture of the Year!

Spotlight wins Oscar

June, 2013 - Glitched Witched & Zipped 7 Is Out

January, 2013 - Venice High School Choir recording

Hard to believe there's already seven of these out there. Had lots of fun mangling sounds and creating more creepy and twisted pieces for redCola Music.

Fun recording session with the Venice High School Choir for an upcoming project. Many thanks for Claire Hui for helping making it run smoothly and efficiently.

February, 2013 - 2 Coca-Cola spots for Argentina

After lots of back and forth and awesome contributions by my friends Pelle Hillstrom, Toddy Walters, Marco Aiello and J. Harper in Los Angeles, and Daniel Fainzilber and Anibal Perez in Buenos Aires, the Coke spots are finished and look (and sound) great.

Contributed some sleazy, gritty 70s-tinged tracks to a project named "Borelli" scored by my friend Steven London, with MB Gordon on drums and percussion and Andrew Synowiec on guitars. "Damn!" is all I can say. 

May, 2013 - 'Borelli' tracks